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This blog may be triggering for some people. Note: I do not promote mental illnesses, eating disorders, self harm, or suicide.

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The circles under my eyes only got bigger.
The emptiness in my eyes only got deeper.
The sadness inside of me only got stronger.
I could feel every bad thing getting bigger and bigger and I couldn’t think of how to stop it.

drinks dedicated to you, y.g. (via imtiredofbeingsosad)

I drowned in shots of vodka but you’re still on my mind.

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The burning of alcohol down my throat sounds much better than the burning in my heart.
kudaranaii asked: Stop drinking vodka


No, I still have some left. Why waste it when it can go to good use?

a.p.d. ( my-inner-asylum )

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I waste my nights drinking so that I stop thinking

kiss me with your liquor lips. (via putrid-brutality)

(via putrid-brutality)

Your lips are as sweet as liquor and ever since the first time I kissed you I’ve had a drinking problem.
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